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Looking for a player to track, an event to play in, a college to play for, or to get connected with a club in your area? Our search makes it easy for you to do all of these things!

From the top of, click on the search bar. You can keyword search directly there or narrow down your search but selecting a category.

I. Search for players

To search for players in our system, you can either input the name of the player you’re searching for and then select the Player filter within the search bar, or you can click the Player filter to see all, and then sort your results by location, UTR Rating range, gender, nationality, and college:

II. Search for Events or Clubs

Similar to searching for a player, to search for events and clubs in our system, you can either input the name of a specific event you’re searching for and then select the event/club filter button below the search box, or you can click the event or club filter button to see all. Your search results can be further filtered by location or date for events, and locations for clubs.

III. Search for Virtual Events

Virtual Events give tennis coaches, providers, and industry insiders the ability to host their own free or paid live webinars, one on one coaching sessions, off the court tennis training sessions, and much more on the Universal Tennis Platform providing more opportunities to engage digitally with the tennis community while physical tournaments and events are on hold. Search for virtual events on topics of interest and enjoy watching from the comfort of your home or anywhere!

IV. Search for High Schools and Colleges

Finally, to search for schools, you can again either input the name of a specific school and then select either the Colleges or High Schools filter button below the search box, or you can just click one of those buttons to see all results. High schools can be filtered by location or gender of the team, and colleges can be filtered by location, team gender, division, conference, and -- the feature many of our players love the most! -- Universal Tennis Fit, which allows a player to see how his or her UTR Rating fits into the starting lineup of a college team.

Once you've entered your search criteria, you'll see a list of matching events. You can click on any (or all!) of them to visit their pages and get more details. 

Navigating an Event Page

Now that you've found your Universal Tennis event, let's go over a few important parts of an event page that you'll want to check out when shopping for an event.

1. Verified Status - If you want an event's results to count toward your Verified UTR Rating, you'll want to check its verified status, denoted by the green checkmark at the top of the event page next to the title.

2. Overview Tab - On the lower half of the page, you'll find the Overview Tab, where you'll see a description of the event, its location, and the event organizer's contact information. 

3. Players Tab - Next to the Overview Tab is the Players Tab, where you'll see the list of players registered for the event (if the organizer has decided to make the list public). Note that if there are multiple divisions, you can switch between players registered for each using the arrow next to the division name.

4. Draws Tab - Once the organizer has published draws for the event, you'll be able to view them by clicking the Draws Tab (found next to the Players Tab). Again, if there are multiple draws, you can switch between them using the arrow next to the draw's name.

Pro Tip: Here are some questions you may want to know the answers to before registering:

  • Is this a level-based tournament, or are competitors divided into categories based on age and/or gender?
  • If it is a level-based tournament, am I guaranteed matches with players with UTR Ratings within 1-1.50 of my own? If that doesn't happen, will my entry fee be refunded, or do I risk being flighted with players with UTR Ratings more than 1.50 above or below mine?
  • What's the target UTR Rating level of the tournament? Does the event specify what level players should consider entering?
  • What's the entry fee?
  • When will match times be released?
  • What's the maximum size of the draw?
  • What's the scoring format (ad/no ad, standard six-game sets or eight-game pro sets, best two of three)?
  • Will there be officials? If so, how many?
  • Is coaching allowed? If so, when and how?

We've found that players have great experiences when they're fully informed about event details. Remember, if you have any questions about an event after reviewing its page, you can always contact the organizer directly using the phone number or email address they've provided!

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