FAQ: College Camps

What is a UTR Sports College Camp for Juniors? 

Camps that are hosted on college campuses, led by college coaches, and are designed for junior players of all ages and levels (i.e. beginner - elite players). Each camp will group players appropriately by various factors to ensure the camper's experience and type of training are best suited for their skill level and goals. 

Camps will offer a combination of developmental tennis drills, matchplay which can count for UTR Rating, games, and off-court activities. Camps are based around having fun and getting better while playing at real college campuses and facilities. 

The top priority of UTR Sports and camp directors/coaches will be to provide each camper with a fantastic and memorable experience, no matter if you are picking up a racket for the first time or if you are a nationally ranked junior player! 

How many camp locations/weeks will be offered this summer (2022)?

Over 20 camp locations and 70 weeks will be available for junior players of all levels this summer! You can view all locations at https://www.utrsports.net/pages/college-camps

Are camps open to all junior players regardless of level? 

Yes, camps are open to ALL junior players and all levels whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player!

Are there age restrictions to register?

Camps options are available for junior players between ages 5-18 years old. However, each camp will have a specific age requirement (i.e. 10-18 years old or 5-17 years old) and this information will be listed on each camp registration page. 

Does my child(s) need to have a UTR Rating? Do they need a certain level of UTR Rating for any camps?

No! Camps are open to all levels of junior players whether they have a UTR rating or not. If you do not have a rating, then competing in our camps is a great first step for your child to get one.

Are camps only for juniors that want to play college tennis?

No! Camps vary for players of all ages and levels. Our camps are hosted on college campuses. 

Are there camps for all levels of players and beginners?

Yes! All UTR Sports College Camps of all types are available to any level of junior player.

Some camps may recommend a certain level of UTR Rating to ensure players have the best possible experience. However, these camps are still open to all levels of junior players. 

What are the prices of camps?

Camp prices vary between host sites and each camp week. They vary depending on various factors such as offering, camp size, and the number of days. Please visit the college page you are most interested in to see the camp week options for day prices, half-day prices, and overnight prices for the camps that apply to these conditions. 

Are there overnight and day camp options?

Yes. Each camp host site varies in offering day and overnight options. Some have both day and overnight, some overnight only, and some offer day options only.

Currently, there are 2 overnight camp host sites which are listed below:

  • University of Oklahoma (3 weeks available)
  • University of the Pacific (5 weeks available) 

Can I register multiple campers at once? 

Yes! Most camps will have a registration division box directly on the camp page that allows you to register multiple campers at once (i.e. one, two, or three campers). 

This will allow you to register multiple campers while using just one profile and email account. If you do choose this option, please note that you will be required to fill out a follow-up form that will provide the necessary information for all registered campers. 

If you do not see multiple player registration options on your interested camp week registration page, please email camps@utrsports.com.

Do camp matches count towards UTR Rating? Do they count the same as a tournament?

Yes! All camps will offer matchplay during camps that count towards a player's Verified UTR Rating.

Please note, this is NOT mandatory at camps and will be up to the camp directors/coaches discretion (i.e. first-time beginners).

What are the Health and Safety/Covid protocols for each camp?

Each camp’s Health and Safety/Covid protocols vary based on state and school policies. If the camp does not specify the protocols on the camp event description then it will be held to the state/county requirements of that location unless stated otherwise by the camp's staff.

What is included in each camp registration (camp swag, lunch, etc.)?

All campers will receive an official camp T-shirt and prize(s) throughout the camp weeks. Most camps will also include lunch each day, but please read your camp event registration page for complete details on what is provided.

Can parents come to watch during camp?

Many camps will allow parents to come to watch. However, please read your camp event registration page for complete details on policies such as this.

What is a College “Prospect” Camp for Juniors? 

Each will vary but generally, College Prospect Camps are geared towards players that are interested in college tennis, want exposure to coaches, and are looking to learn more about the process to play in college at all levels. These camps will provide educational tools on finding the right fit (team/school/coach/level) for you, the “Do’s and Don'ts” of college tennis, communicating with coaches, recruiting rules, what to watch out for, etc. 

What is a College “Performance” Camp for Juniors?

Each will vary but generally, College Performance Camps are focused on junior players getting to experience a taste of what it's like to train like a college athlete (doing college-style drills/practice and matchplay). These camps are designed for players looking to learn more about college tennis and wanting to take their game to the next level! 

What does Recommended UTR Rating/ UTR Range mean?

The recommended UTR Rating is the UTR Rating of a junior player that the camp director believes will get the most out of each camp. Camps with recommended ratings are trying to make sure each camper has the best experience in the camp that he or she registers for! However, ALL camps are open to junior players of any level and there is no UTR Rating requirement to participate in any UTR Sports College Camps.

Are the camps on the men's college pages/women’s college pages only for girls/boys?

The college team page gender does not determine if the camp is for girls or boys, the page registration is based on the camp host that will be running the camps and what genders they decide to open the camp to. All camps are available for junior girls and boys unless otherwise stated on the event link details.

I can't find the registration?

Use this link: https://www.utrsports.net/pages/college-camps and find the camp that most interests you → Click the “Registration Open” button →  Click “Events” Tab on College Team page → View all Camp event dates → Click the week(s) that work best with you → Choose the registration that fits your needs ie. one, two, or three campers.

What are the dates/locations for College Camps?

All dates listed on our College Camps page here: https://www.utrsports.net/pages/college-camps

What are the camp(s) format, schedule, entry cost, and other specific details?

Every camp varies per host school and per week. Please check each camp week's individual event page for all details.

How long are the camps?

Camps vary between 2-5 days depending on the location and camp week. Please check the description or the registration dates on the specific camp’s event page!

What is a full day vs. a half day?

Full-day camps include all hours offered for the camp — an example would be a camp that lasts Monday - Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. The half-day camp would still include every day, Monday - Friday, but the hours might be 9:00 am - 12:00 pm instead of until 4 pm. Each camp varies in time — please refer to the camp event page for more information! 

What is the refund policy?

Each camp will have its own refund policy. Please refer to the details within the exact camp that you are registering for.

What happens if a camp is canceled?

All camps have indoor alternatives in case of rain or weather issues. If a camp is canceled due to unforeseen circumstances, please refer to the details within the exact camp that you are registering for to see the refund policy. 

Why does my price cost $12 more?

The $12 Verified Fee is ONLY applied to players who do not have a Power Subscription with UTR Sports. This $12 Verified Fee is applied to all UTR Sports Verified Events, not just camps.

Please visit this link to learn about Power Subscriptions.

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