UTR Sports Toronto Flex Leagues 2024 National Bank Open Drawing!

Join us for an upcoming Toronto Flex League session, play matches, and earn entries for two tickets to the National Bank Open in Toronto!

Click here to find and register for a qualifying Toronto Singles Tennis Flex League session. Qualifying sessions start June 5th and July 17th. 

Drawing Eligibility

Entries will be earned for each match played, up to a maximum of four matches per session, during a UTR Sports Toronto Signles Flex League event with a start date between June 5th - July 17th.

How do I earn entries?

  1. Register for one of the two eligible UTR Sports Singles Flex Leagues session
  2. Play at least two matches within one session
    1. July 31st is the final date to submit scores for earning match completion entries in the second session
  3. You'll receive two entries for the two completed matches
    1. Each additional match played, up to four matches per session, will be an additional entry
    2. Eight total entries are possible if four matches are played in both sessions

How are winners and prizes decided?

Grand Prize: 

Win two tickets to the weekend sessions of the National Bank Open in Toronto!

Prize Drawing: 

  1. The winner will be randomly selected from all entries on Aug. 1, 2024
    1. Tickets are non-transferable. If the winner is unable to attend the event, then the drawing will occur again and a new winner will be randomly selected

Rules & Regulations

  1. A maximum of four matches per session will count toward entries
    1. Eight entries maximum will be possible in the drawing, with four entries per session
  2. Only Singles division match results will count toward entries
  3. Players must complete a minimum of two matches to earn entries during a qualifying flex league session
  4. Walkover (withdrawals or defaults) results will not count toward entry totals. You may utilize the Challenge System to complete additional matches and entries. In the case of injured or withdrawn opponents, please reach out to toronto@flex.utrsports.net to help set up additional regular group matches
  5. Players must submit matches with the correct date of completion entered
  6. The final date to complete a match for the June 5th qualifying session is seven days after the session end date. Any matches completed after this date will not count toward your total drawing entries
  7. The final date to complete a match for the July 17th qualifying session is July 31st
    1. The match must be confirmed by the opponent to count as an eligible entry
    2. Matches take seven days to auto-confirm if not confirmed by both players prior to that time
    3. Any matches in Pending status on Aug. 1st, 2024 will not be counted toward eligible entries
  8. UTR Sports has the right to make the final decisions on any and all Flex League match rulings and situations that impact drawing entries

Click here to find a qualifying Toronto Singles Flex League session.

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