FAQ: Color Ball Rating (CBR Rating)

What is Color Ball tennis?

Color ball tennis creates an enhanced experience for young players to develop their tennis games using modified equipment, court sizes, and play formats. The levels of color ball tennis are defined by the ball color (red ball, orange ball, and green ball). Color Ball programming is designed to make learning tennis more accessible and fun.

What is the Color Ball Rating (CBR Rating)?

The Color Ball Rating (CBR Rating) is a rating for 12 and under players who play red, orange, and green ball matches and tournaments. The CBR Rating ranges from red (R1) to orange (O1 or O2), and finally, green (G1, G2, or G3). 

Players make progress toward their eventual UTR Rating for the yellow ball by doing three things: playing often, playing well, and competing in the next color ball level events when they are ready.

Note: This rating is known as Coloured Ball Rating in Australia, the UK, and Canada. Parents are required to register on behalf of their child. You can refer to our article here on how to create a profile for them.

How do I get a Color Ball Rating if I am NEW to UTR Sports?

Parents and/or guardians should download the UTR Sports iOS or Android app, or go to the website and create a UTR Sports profile. As you complete the "Get Rated" section, you’ll be asked two simple questions, “Are you a color ball player?” If yes, you will be prompted to answer, “What ball type do you mostly play with currently?”

Once completed, the CBR Rating will populate. If the player has already played some red, orange, or green ball matches and/or tournaments, you might be able to find and claim the profile with current results and receive a CBR Rating.

Parents can easily get started for their kids today on the UTR Sports app, where they’ll also find camps, clinics, and level-based matchplay, along with other nearby playing opportunities. Parents are also encouraged to reach out to their own clubs or local tennis providers about color ball events.

How do I get a Color Ball Rating if I have an EXISTING account on UTR Sports?

From the mobile app or web browser, go to the main profile page then click the “Get Rated” button. If the player is under 12 years old, the parent and/or guardian will be required to answer the two simple questions, “Are you a color ball player?” and if yes, the parent will be prompted to answer the following question, “What ball type do you mostly play with currently?”

Regardless, the player will have a Color Ball Rating (CBR Rating) as soon as red, orange, and/or green ball matches are added to the profile. Red ball matches will receive a Color Ball Rating (CBR) of R1. As soon as a new color ball matches, i.e., an orange ball, has been added, it will populate a Color Ball Rating of O1.

How does a player transition between ball Colors (red, orange, and green)? 

There are two different elements that factor into how a player can progress with the Color Ball Rating.

  1. Transitioning between ball Colors is contingent on player matches for each ball color. 

    • To transition from red to the orange ball, once players have their first match result from an orange ball event, they will transition to an orange ball grouping on the CBR rating, ie O1.

    • From an orange ball to a green ball, most players will go through a trial period, which you can learn more about below.

  2. Progressing within a specific ball color (i.e. Orange Ball 1 to Orange Ball 2, or Green Ball 2 to Green Ball 3) is contingent on the match performance in that ball color. 

In the end, there are no set rules about how fast a player can move throughout the Color Ball Rating scale. Your CBR Rating is based on your results. Do your best, play often, and you should be progressing in no time!

What is the TRIAL PERIOD for transitioning to a green ball?

The trial period is an important time for the development of a tennis player moving to the green ball.  When starting the transition between the orange and green balls, the rating algorithm will provide you with a “trial period” of five matches. Players can play green ball, it will not impact the rating for the first five matches.

On the sixth green ball match, it will count towards the green level rating. In other words, the trial period will end and the player will enter the Color Ball Rating of G1, G2, or G3.

How do I improve my Color Ball Rating?

You can progress your CBR Rating by doing three things:

Do Your Best – Performing well in matches is the easiest way to improve your CBR Rating. If the match is out of hand, don’t give up! Whether you play higher- or lower-rated opponents, you can improve your CBR Rating by winning more games than would be expected.

Play Often – The more you play, the quicker your rating will reflect your current skills. The CBR Rating is especially accurate for those who play frequently against a variety of partners who are also working on their rating level.

Keep Competing – By consistently competing in CBR Rating events, you can continue to develop your skills at each level, and improve your rating, and you should be progressing in no time!

How do I find and play Color Ball Rating events?

From the mobile app or web browser, go to the search bar and select "All Events". You can utilize the "Ball Type" filter and specify the preferred type of color ball events.

On the event page, the ball type is displayed on the event's divisions to ensure the player is registering to the correct ball type.

Am I restricted to playing in events that are only my ball color?

No. UTR Sports will not restrict players from advancing; players have the option to play up or down. For instance, if a player currently has a Color Ball Rating of G3, but his or her coach and/or family feel that the player is ready to play yellow ball events, then a player may register for yellow ball events.

The same thing applies if a player plays in green ball matches and/or tournaments, they may still opt to play in orange ball tournaments and events.

How does the Color Ball Rating transition into a UTR Rating?

The CBR Rating and the UTR Rating are different ratings. Players with only red, orange, and/or green ball matches will have a CBR Rating. Once the player has a verified yellow ball match, they will receive a UTR rating.

I have a CBR Rating, but it is not displaying on my profile, how can I change this?

Currently, the display rating can only be changed on a web browser. Once logged in, go to the main profile page and click the “Edit Profile” button below the profile name. Once on the Edit Profile page, the drop-down selection for the different types of ratings will appear.

Why create a Color Ball Rating?

It’s our hope that, by making tennis more accessible, this new CBR Rating will help inspire a love of tennis in all kids, a passion that we hope persists for a lifetime.

Was the CBR Rating piloted before the global launch?

The CBR Rating was researched and piloted in conjunction with Tennis Australia, which is the governing body for tennis in Australia and hosts the Australian Open.

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