Post a Score - Self Posting

You can now self-post scores from recent play right from your Dashboard!*
Log in to and navigate to the Post a Score Tool. Don't have a Universal Tennis account? 

Complete the details like who you played, the date of the match, and, of course, the score! You can even post a doubles match. 

Click Post Score to submit your results.

Pro Tip: Self Posted scores only contribute to UTR Rating and will display on your profile as well as your opponent's once your opponent has confirmed them. Your opponent also has the option to deny the scores. (See section below for more information on confirming and denying self-posted scores.) 

Once confirmed, the results will impact the players' ratings by the next day. Denied scores do not impact the ratings. 

Confirming and Denying Scores:

When someone posts a score against you, you'll receive notice of "Pending results," and then have the option to either confirm the score, at which point it will show up on your player profile, or deny it:

When you deny a score, its status will change to "Rejected" and only be visible by you, so you can track who has been posting scores against you. 

Made a mistake when posting a score? At any time, you can delete a self-posted score, regardless of whether it's still pending or has already been accepted by your opponent. Just go to the match you'd like to delete and click the three dots, then choose "Delete Score":

*Our Self-Posting feature is intended for casual play only. All matches currently imported into our system are not applicable for Post a Score and duplicates will be removed. 

Need help correcting a score? Contact the Support Team here

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