Locations, Facilities, and Courts

We've added a few new features to help you schedule your events and communicate to players where their matches are being played. Our Locations, Facilities, and Courts feature enables you to add locations and facilities such as your indoor courts, outdoor courts, and different surface types to direct players as to where their matches will be played. You can learn more about our Locations, Facilities, and Courts feature by watching a quick video that showcases it and reading through our step by step guides below!

Locations, Facilities, Courts

This feature allows you to list all of your club's locations individually along with the specific facilities such as your indoor and outdoor court offerings that are affiliated with each location and include a complete list of the number of courts offered within each facility. First, you'll want to select the Locations and Courts option as it appears in the drop-down menu:

Pro Tip: The first location will be defaulted based on the location used on the Overview Tab of your club page. Most clubs will only have one location. You'll only need to Add additional locations if you utilize additional venues for events at an off-campus location.

Next, you'll want to add Facilities. Facilities are specific to where your courts are located within your location, such as indoor and outdoor courts. The first facility will appear by default with 6 Hardcourts. If this surface type and amount of courts fits your facility you're all set! If you need to change the surface or number of courts you can do so by selecting Edit. If you need to add a facility select the + Add Facility option and input the corresponding details and hit Save:

All facilities will have 6 courts assigned to them. You can Add, Archive, or Edit courts by clicking on the facility itself and then clicking the More Button next to the court to Edit or Archive it:

Pro Tip: If you have more than 10 courts you might want to edit Courts 1-9 to appear as Court 01, Court 02, Court 03, and so on to ensure they appear in numerical order once more courts are added. Also, if you need to edit the court surface you'll need to do so by editing the Surface Type within the Facility itself.

All of the facilities and courts you list are accessible and can be scheduled when you're scheduling matches within your events.

See below how you can utilize your facilities and courts when generating your event schedules:

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