Creating Draws: Compass Draw

What is a compass draw?

This draw received its name due to the bracket sheet being marked by points found on the compass (North, South, East, West, Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, Southeast). This style of draw works best with tournaments that consist of 8 or 16 players. Note: The winner always advances in the draw they are currently in.

First Round

All players or teams will begin in the center of the bracket based on their seeding. When a player or team loses, they will advance to the West (left side) of the bracket, whereas the winning player or team will advance to the East (right side) of the bracket.

Second Round

For brackets containing 8 or 16 players, the player or team that loses on the East (right) side of the bracket will advance on the North (up) and the winner advances to the East (right) once again. The player or team that loses on the West (left) side of the bracket will advance South (down) and the winner advances to the West (left) once again. The winning player or team will continue to advance to both the East (right) and the West (left).

Third Round

For brackets containing 16 players, the losing player or team on the West (left) side will advance on the Southwest (down and left). The losing player or team on the East (right) will move Northeast (up and right). The losing player or team of the South (straight down) will advance to Southeast (down and right) and the losing player or team of the North (straight up) will advance Northwest (up and left).

Fourth Round

For brackets containing 16 players, the winning of each direction is the ultimate winner of the specific direction.

To get started, select the "Event Desk" button on your event page and you'll see the improved Event Desk loading page.

Note: Event Desk button will appear after the registration has been closed.

If no existing draws have been created, you can choose how you want to create your first draw. You can either Create Draw directly or select players from the All Players List to create your new draw.

Option 1: Create Draws

This is our traditional way of creating draws. From the welcome page of your Event Desk, click Create Draw button and the create draw pop-up will appear.  

Option 2: Create Draws from All Players List

This feature allows you to add selected players to a specific draw. From the welcome page of your Event Desk, click the All Players List button and you'll be redirected to the list of all of your registered players. Here you can arrange the players according to their name, Singles/Doubles rating, and age or filter the players based on their gender. You also have the option to search for a specific player. Once you have ticked your selected players, click the "Add To" button at the top right then, click "Add To New Draw" and "Create Draw".

If you have existing draws, hover your mouse over on the left side of the page where the words Event Desk with three horizontal lines above it (Draws Drawer) open. Here you can select a draw you'd like to use or click the  sign to create a new draw.

In this case, make sure to choose "Compass" as your Draw Type, and click "Create"

Now let’s talk about the Player Bank or the list of players you see that have registered for your event. You also have the option to sort players according to their UTR, name, or status within the draw. 

You'll see all the players that have registered under Players Not in Draw. In order for them to be moved into the Compass Draw, you'll need to move them into the Not Placed category first. Select their names and click "Add to Draw".

After you've populated your Players Bank, you can either set up matches manually or click "Auto-Fill" to fill the draw automatically:

If you choose autofill, you'll see a message like this:

Once you click "Confirm", the draw will be automatically filled. It should have the players in matches and look something like this:

Hint: In Compass Draw formats, the Auto-Fill feature will automatically seed the top 25% fully-rated players. This is the only way to have seeded players. A projected player who has a higher rating than a fully rated player, will not be seeded above any fully rated players. If you would like to move them, you may do so!

Once you have the players placed in the draw to your liking, you can then enter in times, dates, and locations for the Rounds or each match. You have the option to do this by round by clicking the "Set Location" and "Set Date & Time" under the round or you can do it by individual matches by clicking the "Set Date & Time" and "Set Location" on the match details box. Here is the information you will be asked to complete:

To view the other points of the compass draw to set dates and times, move your cursor to the far left of the page to expand the "Event Desk" drawer. There you can select the draw or back draw you would like to edit. Note: Once scores are entered, players are automatically pushed to the appropriate back draw!

Once the times are entered, you can then choose to "Publish" the draws. Publishing draws makes them visible to anyone viewing the main event page. To Publish the draws, click the "Publish" button on the top right of the page, and select each draw you would like to Publish.  Please note that only the draws that are checked will be published. 

Hint: If you ever need to unpublish the draw, uncheck the boxes and click publish. Draws that have scores, cannot be unpublished.

Once the draws have been published, you will then be taken to the event homepage. There you can scroll down and click on the "Draws" tab to view the draws. Here you can filter through the published draws and print your draws.

Awesome! You have created a Compass draw!

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