How to Edit Your Profile

Updating your profile details:

If you're looking to make changes to your player profile including the name on a player profile, you'll need to activate your player profile (Click here for information on activating a player profile). 

From Website:

Once you are logged in, click on your profile icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Click 'Profile' on the side drawer that appears. Next, click 'Edit Profile.'

From the edit profile page, you will be able to make changes to your profile, player info, and preferred gear. Once you've made your changes, click Save.

Note: Please allow 24 hours for our system to update your player profile changes on all other UTR Sports pages. If you find your updated information is still incorrectly listed after 24 hours, reach out to us here.

From the Mobile app:

Once logged in, click the right-most icon and the gear icon at the top right. From the Settings page, select Profile. You can edit your personal details and your tennis favorites. 

Note: Any changes made to your profile are automatically saved when you click the back icon at the top left. If you find your updated information is still incorrectly listed after 24 hours, reach out to us here.

Profile Photo Change: 

From your profile page, hover your cursor over your profile icon and click the icon. You will then see a pop-up prompting you to upload a photo from your computer.

Select the photo you would like to use for your profile photo, you can resize it using the size slider. Center your photo to ensure it properly displays your image. Then click Save to complete uploading the photo to the player profile. 

If viewing from the mobile app, head over to the Settings page by clicking the gear icon at the top right of your profile page and selecting "Profile". Tap the "change profile photo" at the top and you'll be able to select photos from your gallery.

Awesome, you’ve successfully updated your profile photo! You will now see your profile photo uploaded.

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