What is the difference between UTR Sports Events vs Verified UTR Sports Events?

UTRSports.net now offers two types of events for players -- UTR Sports Events and Verified UTR Sports Events. 

First, let's talk about UTR Sports Events:

  • UTR Sports Events count any & all match results, including casual play, so...

    • Players can compete & practice without affecting their Verified UTRs.

    • Players can post their own scores at UTRSports.net to count toward their UTRs.

    • Providers have more format flexibility.

Now let's talk about Verified UTR and Verified UTR Events:

  • Verified UTR only counts results from Verified UTR Events.

  • To run Verified UTR Events, providers need to be approved as Verified UTR Providers. Providers can apply for verified approval by selecting Create An Event on their club page and clicking the Verification Toggle found on Step 1: Format of Create An Event.

  • Verified Providers must also follow the Verified UTR Event Rules while conducting Verified UTR Events.

Now that you know the difference between the two events, get out there and play!

Learn more about what it takes to be a Verified Provider here

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