Publishing and Unpublishing Draws

When you're done creating some or all of your draws, and you're ready to make them public, you'll want to publish them, which makes them visible on your event's homepage. 


Head to the home page of your Event, then click the Publish button on the top right side of your screen:

From the pop-up window, select each draw you'd like to Publish. The unselected draws will remain unpublished

Note: Draws that have scores entered, cannot be unpublished.


Navigate to the "Event Desk" page, click the Publish button again, uncheck the boxes of the draws you'd like to unpublish, and click Publish to save your choices. Only draws checked off in this pop-up window will continue to be published.

Pro Tip: When you're on your event's create/edit draws page, you can also check to see which of your draws have been published by visiting your Draws Drawer. Draws with a blue checkmark () next to them are published, and those without the checkmark are not.

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