What UTR rating is displayed on my profile?

What is the displayed UTR rating?

The displayed UTR Rating is the number shown on your UTRSports.net player profile next to your name.

There are two kinds of UTR ratings displayed on your profile: Verified Singles and Doubles UTR Rating and Singles and Doubles UTR Rating. To know about their difference, click here for more information.

Note: Profiles that have singles and doubles matches will display both singles and doubles UTR ratings across all platforms.

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I accidentally chose colored ball rating (CBR), how do I change it to UTR rating?

From your Profile, click the 'Edit Profile' button. You'll see the option to change your rating display from Colored Ball Rating to UTR rating. Once done, click Save and you'll be prompted to Get Rated for your estimated UTR rating.

Note: Once a yellow ball match is added to the profile, the CBR rating will automatically be switched to the UTR rating.

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