Estimated UTR rating

The estimated UTR rating is here to improve the overall user experience and allow Event Providers to better match their players closer to their level. The "Get Rated" Questionnaire was tested with nearly 2000 users and was found to provide an accurate range estimate of 85% of the time.

Note: Users who had fully reliable ratings within the last 24 months will not be required to answer the “Get Rated” questionnaire. Instead, your last known verified rating will display.

Who will have an estimated UTR rating?

  • new users who created a new profile
  • new users who claimed a profile
  • existing users with an UnRated (UR) profile

How do I get an estimated UTR rating?

For new users, you will be prompted to answer a short questionnaire to get your estimated UTR rating. You can check this article on how to create and activate your player profile.

For existing users, you will need to log in to your profile click your profile icon at the top right then select, “Profile”. Once you are on your profile page, click the “Get Rated” to answer the short questionnaire.

Note: You can skip answering the questionnaire but this will be required once you try to register for events on

Where will it be displayed?

You can see your estimated UTR rating on your player profile, player list on the event page, and draws tab of the event page. 

You can upgrade to Power to see the 2 decimals of your estimated UTR rating. Check this article for the other awesome benefits of being a Power Player.

Will it reflect on the mobile app?

Absolutely! Your estimated UTR rating will reflect across the entire platform.

Will my estimated UTR range fluctuate?

No. Your estimated UTR range is fixed and will only update once a match result has been posted on your profile and will generate your “projected” rating. You can check more information about the “projected” rating here.

Can the estimated UTR range be changed?

Your estimated UTR rating is temporary. The best way to get an accurate UTR Rating is to play more matches. Click here to find an event near you so you can play more matches and establish your UTR Rating.

Can I retake the questionnaire?

Once you have taken the questionnaire, the prompt message “Get Rated” questionnaire will disappear and your estimated UTR rating will be calculated based on your answers.

If you find yourself with an Estimated UTR higher or lower than you’d expect, send us a note and we'll take a peek!

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