Utilizing Organizer's Rating

This article is for Event Providers in utilizing the Organizer’s rating, a new feature found within the Event Desk, that will help in seeding your players more effectively.

The Organizer’s rating will allow event providers to assign a designated rating for players with UnRated (UR), estimated rating, and projected ratings. 

Here are a few things to note:

  • The Organizer’s rating lives strictly within the Event Desk and will not appear on the event page nor on the player’s profile.

  • The Organizer’s Rating can be distinguished with pink font.

  • The Organizer's Rating does not impact a player's UTR Rating whatsoever. It is a tool for organization and better draw formation.

  • You can input up to two decimal values but should not be greater than 16.

  • If the Organizer’s rating and the actual rating of a player has more than 2 rating difference, the following note will pop up:

To get started, navigate to the Event Desk page of your event. From the Event Desk drawer (left side panel), you’ll see the Players category and under it are all the divisions of your event. You will need to select one of the divisions for the pencil icon to display next to the player’s rating. Click the pencil icon to assign a rating to the player. You will also have the option to delete the organizer's rating by clicking the trash bin icon.

Note: The Organizer's rating will be displayed in pink font beside the given rating of the player whether that be estimated, projected, or unrated.

Now if you view from the draws you’ve created, the Organizer’s rating will appear next to their actual rating on the Player’s Bank. You can always go back to the Players list if you wish to make any changes to the Organizer's rating.

Looking at creating your draw? You can check this article to help you or chat with our Support team for any questions you may have!

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