Create an Event - Step 2: Registration Divisions

Now, you're ready to create your registration divisions. When setting up divisions for your event, it's usually best to keep them broad, since you'll be able to split players up within and across registration divisions into as many draws as you want later. We recommend using the level-based play model when running events. The Level-Based play model groups all play games, as opposed to pro sets.

Here are some general notes on creating divisions:

  • Create and name your divisions based on age, gender, or any other category if you know that those groups won't be playing with each other. Remember, registration divisions are different from draws.
  • Players will only be charged the fee for divisions they registered for themselves. If you move players around while you're creating draws, they won't be charged extra, even if you had set up additional registration fees for each division.
  • Optional: Add a specific date in a division. The date selected must be between the event period.
  • Optional: Player entry fee can be enabled and they will be required to pay the set entry fee in addition to any division fees for which they register.

Doubles Divisions Features:

  • Team payment options
    • Pay as a team: Only one partner will be required to register/pay the set team division fee.
    • Pay separately: Both partners must pay their respective fees for the division. After the first partner registers and pays, the second must also register and pay their division/entry fees.

Note: If player entry fees are added, this option will be defaulted and locked to pay separately.

  • Mixed’ Gender Option: Choosing mixed will restrict partner selection to the opposite gender only. This option will only show for doubles divisions.
  • Allow players to register without a partner: Players can sign up for a doubles division without specifying a partner.

Note: This feature is only available to divisions/events using the ‘Pay separately’ team payment option.

  • Waitlist Options
    • Max team selection is noted as a team and the provider should enter a number of teams desired, not individual players.
    • Registration status is displayed such as:
      • Registered: completed and paid registration
      • Pending: waiting to complete registration
      • Invited: does not have an activated UTR profile


You'll be able to customize your event division by putting the type of scoring format, UTR rating range, and age restriction. Note: Make sure to check the box below "Restrict Age".

Division Date:

Only one day/date may be selected and must be between the event start and end date. Players will see the specific date added on the division cards and during checkout.

Age Limit Deadline:

  • Event Start Date: The event start date determines players' age eligibility for divisions with "restrict age" enabled.
  • 12/31 (last day of the current year): The last day of the year (Dec 31st) determines players' age eligibility. For example, players turning 30 by 12/31 can register for a 30+ age division.

Note: Once an age limit deadline is selected for one division, it automatically applies to all subsequent age-restricted divisions.

Next is choosing how you'd like to accept your registrants. Here are their differences:

  • Waitlist: Select this, if you'd like your event to have a waitlist (Example: Maximum number of players is 16, once 16 players have registered, registration stays open).

Note: Players are still required to process their registration payment and they will be placed on the Waitlist category under the Players tab of the event page. Refunding the player will need to be done manually.

  • Capped Registration: Choose this option if you would like registration to end once the maximum number of registered players has been reached (Example: Maximum number of players is 16, once 16 players have registered, registration is closed).
  • Acceptance list: Players are accepted by their rating. This is only available for the tennis singles division.

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