How do I Withdraw and/or Refund a player?

To withdraw and/or refund a player, click on the Players Tab on your event homepage to view all players who are registered for your event. By clicking the More Button (three dots next to the player's payment status), you will have the option to Withdraw or Refund entry fees. 

If you click “Withdraw” you will then have the option to withdraw with or without refunding the player.

If you would like to refund a player without removing them from the event, just click "Refund" and the player will remain in the event.

Hint: Withdrawing a player will remove them from all the divisions they had registered for in the event (ex. singles and doubles). They can then re-register afterward if they would like to only play in one division.  Also, when you refund a player it will refund them for the entire event.  You can use the refund feature to comp entry fees if necessary.

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