How do I create a Pickleball event?

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First, log in to and click on the tennis ball/profile icon near the upper right-hand corner of the page to open your account menu. Then, navigate to your club page listed under the Clubs, Teams, & Groups section.

Once on your club page, you'll click the "Create Event" on your club's page:

You’ll then have the option to select pickleball from the sports drop-down menu.

When creating a new event, you'll be led through four (4) steps to complete before you'll be able to either save the event as a draft or publish your event, making it viewable by anyone.

Step 1: Format: You will have the option between tournament and match play. You also can choose to restrict your event by both age and level or allow all players to register.

Step 2: Schedule

Step 3: Details

Step 4: Health and Safety

Pro Tip: While completing these steps, you can always save your progress at any time by clicking "Save Draft" at the top right of the event creation page.

After you've saved your event details, you can come back and finalize your draft event whenever you're ready. Note: if an event is saved as a draft, it's only viewable by club providers!

How do I post scores for my Pickleball event?

To input results, you'll click "Event Desk" which is found near the upper right-hand side of the event page:

Next, select the draw of the division you would like to input scores for and click on the "Score" button next to the match on the draw you would like to enter the score for. Input the scores for each set and then click “Save & Exit” once finished with that score. Check the full instructions on how to post your scores in this article.

Learn how to best schedule your matches here.

Hitting a roadblock in creating a pickleball event? Email or chat with us!

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