What is a Provider?

When you create your club, you will be automatically deemed the Head Provider. The Head Provider has the ability to create additional Providers for the club. Head Providers and Providers alike can create events, draws, and post scores.

Different types of clubs can have differing amounts of Providers. Here's a quick breakdown:

Club Type
Head Provider
Total Providers (including Head Providers)
Premium Club
High School Club
College Club

Already created an event and want to add a Provider? No problem! Providers can see both current and future unpublished events.

Have a Provider to add? Let's get started.

After you've created your club, open the Main Menu on the top right-hand side of the page. Scroll to the Clubs, Teams, & Groups section and click on your Club's name. This will lead you to your Club's Homepage.

Providers can be added from a number of places on your Club's homepage, let's navigate to the simplest one. Further down on the homepage, you'll see details about your club. On the right-hand side, notice the list of Providers. Beneath your current list, you'll find a clickable option to "+ Add Providers".

Click "+ Add Providers" and add your Provider's emails in the appropriate field. Note: Be sure to use the email associated with your Provider's UTRSports.net account. If you'd like to add a Provider who does not yet have an account with UTRSports.net, they will be prompted to create one in their email invitation. Select "Add Providers" and that's it! Your team is ready to start creating and running events.

Need to update your Club organizer's list?

You can simply remove or upgrade a provider to head provider by navigating to the Members tab of your Club page. You can type in the provider's name and click the 3 dots on the right. If you wish to remove, select "Remove Provider privileges". If you wish for a provider to be a head provider, select "Make Head Provider".

Learn more about the Events Management System here.

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