Create an Event - Step 3: Details

The last step to complete before finalizing your event is the details! Here, you can name your event, edit the location of your event, and provide any additional information you would like your potential participants to know.

Below the event details, you will see the option to add and change the providers for that specific event. You can add anyone here that is a provider on your club page and they will be shown on the event home page.

Hint: All providers for the club will have access to all events within the club. We recommend selecting the main point or points of contact as the provider of the specific event.

Finally, you'll have the option to add any additional details, such as deciding whether those who play in the event will become members of your digital club, opting to hide or show registrants, adding any questions for players to answer, and placing a Password/PIN on the event registration.

Hide/Show Registrants: Hide the player list when you want to keep the registrants private. Some players may opt not to register if they don't see enough players they know or who are at their level. On the other hand, consider showing the registrant list when you have a strong player pool, which can help "sell" your event.

Event Permissions: Create different types of events based on who you would like to participate. When you are creating the event, you can now set the event up with different "Event Permissions" such as; 

  • Public - Open to all players to search and register for. These events will appear in the main search for events, as well as filtered events. If you would like to run an open event for all players, this is the right choice for you!
  • Private - Members Only - Only those who are members of your organization page will be able to register for the events. These events will not be searchable on the main event search but will be listed on your organization's events tab. Those who are not members of your organization will be able to see the events on your organization's page and can request to join. This will show as a new Request to Join on your Club's main page while you are logged in.
  • Private - with Link- Only those who have the direct link can search and register for these events. Use this when you are hosting a small event for only a particular group of players. These can be things such as invite-only, private camps/clinics, or pop-up match-play events. Note: these events will not appear in the event search, but will always show on your organization page.

Add Additional Questions: This feature allows providers to ask all registrants any questions during the registration process. It can be a free-flowing type or multiple choice type of question. Some examples of questions could be what size t-shirt they wear or what lunch option they would like (if you are providing shirts or lunch). The answers to these questions, along with player contact information, will be available to you when you use the "Export Players" feature on your event homepage.

Add a Password/PIN: Add a Password/PIN when you only want to allow certain players to register for the event, instead of the general public. Pro Tip: Pins and passwords can be added and removed at any time, and are a great feature to use when you're allowing a player to register late.

Hint: We recommend posting how players can obtain the PIN/Password in your event details section. This allows you to have more control if people other than your intended registrants find your event page. When they reach out to you or another provider asking for the PIN, you can choose whether to give it to them or not.

Now let's talk about how to Market Your Event!

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