Creating a USA Pickleball Event in UTR Sports

UTR Sports Pickleball Event Organizers now have the option to apply for a USA Pickleball (USAP) event sanctioning.

To get started, log in to and go to the club page where you want to run your new event by clicking the profile icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen to open the Main Menu. Under the Clubs, Teams, & Groups section, you will see your club page listed.

From your club's page, click the "Create An Event" button and select "Pickleball" as the type of sport. Once you have selected your preferred event format (i.e., Tournament or Match Play), toggle on the "Apply for USA Pickleball (USAP) event sanctioning?"

You will be required to select the sanction type. The options are:

  • Medal-Match Plus (MMP) Sanctioning - allows a modified referee requirement.
  • Standard Sanctioning - every match is required to have a referee.
  • No-Referee Sanctioning - available for less than 300 players, requires an on-site USAP-certified referee.

You can read more about USAP Sanctioning HERE.

Once this has been set, you can proceed to fill out the rest of your event information. You'll be led through 3 Steps to complete before you'll be able to Publish your tournament, making it viewable by anyone:

Step 1: Format

Step 2: Schedule

Step 3: Details 

Note: The event will automatically add a required player question asking to provide their USA Pickleball membership ID.

While completing these steps, you can always save your progress at any time by clicking Save Draft at the top right of the event creation page. After you've saved it, you can come back and finalize your draft event whenever you're ready. 

Note: If an event is saved as a draft, it's only viewable by club organizers.

Once you have published your event, click HERE to complete the USAP Sanctioning Application. Until approved, your event will show a ‘USAP Sanctioning Pending’ logo.

Note: Players need an active USAP Membership ID to register and will be prompted for it during registration.

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