Player Availability and Lineup Management

The UTR Sports Team Leagues platform provides intuitive features and notifications addressing the challenges of player availability and lineup creation to enhance team coordination and match management.

To get started, captains can send a reminder to the team to request their availability status once the league schedule is published. This can be done by going into the Schedule tab from the team page and selecting the upcoming team match. 

Once you are on the team match page, you can locate the Set Reminders button from your respective team. Don't forget to toggle on the reminders before hitting send. Players will be given the following options: Yes, No, and Maybe.

You'll be able to identify which players have provided their availability on the team match page.

Note: This view is only available for captains.

Captains and co-captains can now jointly create a match lineup. You can also see the player's availability from the drop-down list when creating the lineup match.

Once you are all set, click the Lock button and you'll be given the option to notify the players.

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When can I see the lineups of both teams?

Once both teams have finalized their lineups, or after the match start time has passed.

Will I be notified if I’m in the lineup?

When the captain has locked the lineup, you will receive an email if you are confirmed or an alternate in the lineup.  

Is player availability & lineup management available for pickleball leagues?

Yes. When viewing a team match view for pickleball, you will see the UTR-P ratings for each player on the team, and in the lineup.

When can I provide my availability?

As soon as the league schedule is published, you'll receive an email notification to which your RSVP is required. To provide your availability, you can go to your team page to see your schedule and click on the team match to provide your availability.

As a team captain, can I send another reminder for players who have not responded yet?

Absolutely! You can click the Set Reminders button and toggle to which you like to send the reminders.

Can I change my lineup once it has been locked and published?

Yes. If a player gets injured or cancels last minute, captains can easily swap them out for an alternate or another team member. Additionally, you can save time by using the preset lineups when posting scores.


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