Withdrawing and Refunding a Player in League Desk

From the home page of your League Desk, click the “Manage” button on the conference and session the player registered for. Once you are on the session page, navigate to the Players tab and select which team the player belongs to from the drop-down list.

Once you have located the player, click the 3 dots on the right side and select “Withdraw”. From the pop-up message, you’ll have 3 actions to choose from: Withdraw, Refund, and Withdraw & Refund. 

Withdraw: The player is removed from the team roster but payment is not refunded.

Refund: The player is listed on the team roster but payment will be been refunded.

Withdraw & Refund: The player is completely removed from the team roster.

If you are looking for a player not displayed on the roster, send us an email at leagues@utrsports.com and we'll take a deeper dive!

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