How do I manage my team as team captain?

Updating Team Setting

Team Captains have the ability to update the following information on their team:

  • Home Court
  • League Play Time Slot
  • Registration Status
  • Team Password

To do this, navigate to the Details tab of your team profile and click the pencil icon to update. Don't forget to hit the Save button on the bottom right for the changes to reflect.

Need to invite a player to your team? Check this article!

Adding/Removing Team Captain

Team captains can add a maximum of 3 captains to their managing team. To add a team captain, click “add team captain” below the current captain's name under the Overview tab.

Respectively, you can remove a team captain by clicking the trash bin on the right side of the captain that you want to remove.

Note: You can only remove yourself as team captain when another captain exists.

If the player’s name is not populating from the drop-down list, the player might not have created or activated their UTR profile yet. Please have them reach out to the Support team and we'll get them started.

Managing Team Match Schedule

To edit a match date, time, or location, head over to the Schedule tab of your team profile and click the respective match you need to update.

Once you are on the match page, click the Edit button at the top right. A pop-up will appear wherein you can make changes to the match date, time, or location. Click Save Changes once done.

Pro-tip: Click the calendar icon on the right-hand side to update the match date and time. 

Players are automatically notified once changes have been made to the match schedule.

Posting Scores

The team captain has the ability to post the scores of their team match. To do this, navigate to the Schedule tab of your team profile and click the Post Score on the respective match card. Once you are on the Post Score page, you can select the players from the drop-down list of each team.

Note: Players who are not registered for the team will not populate from the drop-down list.

Here are a few things to note when posting scores:

  • Match scores are automatically marked as Completed however, the team captain can change this to completed w/ partial scores, postponed, defaulted (choose team), match not played, and withdrew - no set
  • Scores are validated based on the scoring format set by the League Organizer.
  • The system will automatically calculate the team match winner.

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