Set Session Standings Rule

As a league organizer for multi-round team leagues, you now have the flexibility to define how team standings are calculated. 

This feature is especially useful when incorporating a new team mid-season or managing leagues where teams play an uneven number of matches. You can choose alternative methods to the traditional win/loss record for determining standings.

Team Standings Rule

  1. Win/Loss Record: Teams are ranked based on the number of match wins.
  2. % of Team Matches Won: Teams are ranked by the highest percentage of matches won. 
  3. % of Games Won (Tennis-specific): Teams are ranked by the highest percentage of games won.
  4. % of Points Won (Pickleball-specific): Teams are ranked by the highest percentage of points won.

Tie-Breaker Criteria

If teams are tied under the chosen standings rule, the tie is broken in the following order:

1. Head-to-Head win count (Team A beat Team B more times)

2. Highest percentage of games won (Tennis).

3. Highest percentage of points won (Pickleball).

How to apply the Team standings rule?

In creating a session, you can locate the team standing rule below the session date and select "win/loss record" from the drop-down list.

This can also be applied to existing sessions by clicking the Manage button and navigating over to the Details tab within your session page.

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