How to Create Team?

First, choose which session you’d like to create the team by clicking the “Manage” button. Once you are on the session page, the “Create New Team” button will appear on the right side. All details, except for the password, are required to be filled out to create a team. This means that you will not be able to create a team without a designated team captain.

Teams: A group of players that play together as a team in a session

Note: You can set a password and share it with selected players. In that way, only those intended players will be able to register.

Pro-tip: You can create one team within your session wherein all players can register and then, split the players according to their respective teams afterward.

Can I add players manually to the team?

There is no other way for players to be added to the team. The players will need to register through their accounts. You can click the share button to generate the team’s link and make sure they are able to register with the right team.

Can I delete the team once it is created?

Yes. It is possible to delete a team once it has been created. You’ll see the Remove button on the Manage Session page. However, this option will no longer be available once there are registered players.

Why is my team captain not showing on the drop-down list? 

It is possible that the team captain does not have a profile at yet. We encourage all team captains to create and activate a profile on our platform.

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