FAQ: Team Captains

Q: How do I withdraw and refund one of my players?

A: Please reach out to the League Organizer and they can process the withdrawal and refund. You can locate the League Organizer's information from the Overview page of the league session.

Q: Why is my player not showing on my roster, even though they registered and received a confirmation email?

A: They likely have not fully completed and activated their profile. Please ensure this is complete. If they still do not show, have them reach out directly to the Support team.

Q: How do I register a team for a future season?

A: Please reach out to your League Organizer and let them know which season you would like to add a team for. You can include the following details: Team(s) Name, Team UTR Division, Home Facility, and General Match Day/Time.

Additional helpful resources for team captains:

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