Team Schedule and Team Standings

UTR Leagues are organized tennis competitions for adult and junior players that utilize the Universal Tennis Rating system. In these leagues, participants of varying skill levels come together to compete in tennis matches. 


Within the Overview tab of the session, you'll find the team standings which show:

The team ranking order is determined by:

  1. The greatest number of Wins.
  2. Head to Head results if teams are tied. 
  3. Percentage of Sets won. 
  4. Percentage of Games won. 
  5. Overall Current.

If teams are tied, the ties will be broken by; their Head to Head Record, then by the Percent of Games Won, and lastly by the team that has won the last Head to Head match. 


When navigating the Schedule tab, you’ll find all scheduled matches for the entire league session. You can filter the match schedule by round or date.

Each team match schedule indicates the date/time, teams, scores, and location. To view the entire match, click the team match card to display all scores per singles and doubles lines.

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