Ad-Hoc Schedule

Ad-hoc scheduling refers to a flexible, on-the-fly approach to scheduling allowing quick adjustments and adaptability to accommodate unexpected situations or last-minute changes. It involves making arrangements as needs arise, often in response to changing circumstances or emerging priorities. This can be particularly useful in dynamic environments where traditional, rigid scheduling methods may not be practical or efficient.

League Desk

To get started, navigate to the League Desk menu and look for the blue MANAGE button that will be on the right-hand side of the League Desk and click on it. 

Manage Conference

Once you are at your designated conference, you will find the blue MANAGE button on the right-hand side and click on it.

Manage Schedule

In the top left side, you will see the following options: Teams, Schedule, Players, and Details. Proceed by clicking on the Schedule tab. 

Create a Schedule

You will be given two options when creating a schedule: Auto generating a schedule and Manually creating a schedule. You will choose the option of “Manually create schedule?” to allow you to custom-build your league structure one match at a time, assuring you full control over team assignments, dates, and locations.

Edit a Schedule

League organizers now have the ability to manage their schedules dynamically, accommodating all changes that are needed throughout the season. You can add/delete a team match, add/delete a round, add a team and set the team standing rule.

Add a Team Match

Navigate to the desired round that you want to add a match to. Under that round, in the bottom left corner, you will see a “+ Add a team match button”. You will be given the option to input the date, time, location, and the Home and Away team. Click the “Add a Match” at the bottom right to add the match you made. 

Delete a Team Match

Identify the team match you wish to remove, ensuring it has no posted results. Click the trash bin icon on the right side of the team match. A pop-up will appear asking you if you are sure you want to remove said match. Click ‘Yes, Delete’ to save the schedule change.

Add a Round

On the right-hand side of your League Session, you will have an option to “Add Round” where you can fit the round into on the existing schedule. You will also have the option of how you would like the team standing to be calculated. 

Note: The system automatically renumber subsequent rounds to maintain a sequential order.

Delete Round

If you need to delete a round, click the trash bin icon on the left side of the round you wish to remove. 

Note: Please ensure that there are no team matches with posted results within it.

After you’ve clicked on the garbage can icon, click on “Yes, Delete” to save your changes and the system will renumber subsequent rounds to close any gaps, ensuring continuity and clarity in the schedule.

Add a Team

In your schedule tab, if the team does not have the maximum number of teams allowed, click on the “Add Existing Team” button. You will have the option of selecting a team from any previously used team in the league. You will be able to go through the “Select Conference” and “Select Sessions” drop-down menus to find the leagues.

Note: When adding a team to a League Session, no players will be registered to that team, the link to the new team will need to be shared so that players are on the team.

Set the Team Standings Rule

This feature allows for a customized approach to competition based on the unique needs and structure of the league. You can choose from several options such as the traditional Win/Loss record, the percentage of Team Matches won, or, for more precision, the percentage of Games won. This flexibility ensures that the standings reflect the most appropriate measure of team performance as defined by the league organizer.

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